The Italians call barista the professionals who prepare espresso and coffee specialties. Barista is dedicated to the secret of good coffee, the ruler of the magic of the enchanting drink.

Making exceptional coffee is a passion! Something magical happens and the hands of the barista create a drink that grabs the senses and raises emotions. The superb coffee, however, is backed by professionalism, knowledge, practice and a lot of talent.

Baristo is an Italian coffee produced near Genoa. The name Baristo is unique and contains the brand’s ideology: the attitude towards coffee. This is a special product, a special experience that consumers will receive through special service.

In November, the Bulgarian Barista Championship 2019, organized by Baristo, will be held in Sofia within the framework of the Espresso Italiano Champion International Competition. This is the fourth edition of the Championship, which this year will bring together over 30 worthy contenders.

The rules of the competition are extremely strict and follow the global standards for the preparation of Italian espresso and cappuccino.
Participants are evaluated by a Baristo certified technical jury by 29 technical criteria. A tasting jury with representatives from Istituto Espresso Italiano evaluates each coffee beverage by taste. Each barista must prepare 4 espresso and 4 cappuccino drinks in 11 minutes and even fractions of a second are important.

The chief supervisor of the Bulgarian Barista Championship, Carlo Odello, who closely monitors every part of the preparation of the coffee machines until the last espresso is tasted, is also the head of Espresso Italiano Champion, IEI communications manager and lecturer at the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC). Over the last decade, he and his team have been touring the world and sharing their knowledge of Italian espresso.
Each year the Bulgarian competitors are more and more prepared and with more skills, which keeps the tendency that the coffee culture in our country is developing at a very fast pace.

The big winner of the championship, in addition to the cash prize and the title “Barista Champion of Bulgaria”, gets the opportunity to represent our country at the World Finals in Italy, where he will face the baristas who have reached the finals of over 30 competitions around the world.

When and where?
November 08, 2019
Inter Expo Center
Starts at: 10:30