MATINO Herbal tea

MATINO Herbal tea

25 pcs
6,80 BGN

Покупката на този продукт подкрепя проект на Фондация Благотворител за стипендии на ученици, лишени от родителски грижи

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, mint leaves, lemongrass, hibiscus, carrot / Box of 25 tea pyramids x 2.25g / Biodegradable

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Soothing and LightA balanced combination that unfolds gradually all the shades of the aromatic herbs MATÌNO Tea is a selected selection of high quality tea varieties, herbs and dried fruits, combining ethereal aromas and delicate flavors. The natural character of the drink unfolds sensations of morning freshness, sun and nature that can be enjoyed in a cup of hot tea. The special shape of the MATÌNO Tea bags allows full development of the qualities of the prepared drink. When infusing the amount of dosed tea in the special pyramid-shaped bag, the ingredients have space to swell and dissolve their best and deepest taste. We have carefully selected the material that the pyramid filter bag is made of. It is PLA – 100% biodegradable corn tissue. 



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