Van Houten Ruby Chocolate 94%

Van Houten Ruby Chocolate 94%

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It's Ruby colored, but it is still chocolate! An intense sensorial delight, unique tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

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Ruby is the 4th type of chocolate after dark, milk and white and was discovered more than a decade ago.

It’s the most extraordinary chocolate discovery since white chocolate was launched by Hénri Nestlé in 1937!


What is Ruby Chocolate?

> 94% chocolate

> Made with sustainably sourced ruby cocoa beans

> Filled with intense fruitiness and fresh sour notes

> Dissolves easily in milk

> Great for hot and cold drinks



The ruby cocoa bean is a high quality bean that can be found in the traditional cocoa growing countries, like Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast. It is not a new genotype, nor is it GMO. The ruby pods have a red color and during ripening they become more orange. Visual pod identification is not sufficient to identify a ruby bean. Each pod requires specific measurement to be identified as a ruby bean. It is the natural occurrence of sufficient precursors for taste and color that define the ruby bean: some beans happen to have the ruby qualities, others don’t. The secret for ruby chocolate lies in selecting the proper beans, and processing the fresh beans for the taste and color to be awakened.



How to prepare a Ruby Chocolate drink:

Mix 35 g Van Houten Ruby chocolate drink powder with a small amount of hot water or hot milk in a cup, or a pitcher to dissolve the powder

Add 200 ml of hot or cold milk (dairy or plant-based). It is best to steam it up to 70°C with the help of a coffee machine steamer

Serve in a nice glass or cup with the decoration of your choice – strawberries or cherries are great match!




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