Saeco Royal Gran Crema

Saeco Royal Gran Crema

1 700,00 BGN
24 months warranty
24 months warranty
Royal Gran Crema is the new coffee machine for the OCS and HORECA markets, fully expressing the excellent quality of Saeco technology.

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Royal Gran Crema is the perfect balance between dimensions and performances in an elegant and relatively compact shape.
The wide graphic display, designed to manage both icons and text in different languages, and the interface, equipped with easy to understand direct selection buttons, make it possible to use and program the machine easily; maintenance and cleaning operations, too, are made easy by the fact that all the parts that require regular care are removable.
Royal Gran Crema can dispense coffee and milk-based drinks, thanks to the integrated Tuono cappuccinatore, as well as hot water and steam for more expert users. The cup warmer and the powder option (for the use of pre-ground coffee) are the completion of a full coffee experience.



Size 336 / 380 / 450 mm
Weight 15 kg
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption 1850 W
Coffee container 1, capacity 350 gr.
Water container 1, removable, capacity 2,2 lt
Boiler 1
Hot water / Steam nozzle Yes
Display Yes
Cappuccinatore Yes


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