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If you answer with “Yes!” to each and every coffee invitation, we’re glad to have you here – the place where we treat every coffee bean with precise expertise, where we share the authentic Italian coffee taste and get inspired by its aroma.


Baristo is authentic Italian coffee produced near Genoa. For centuries, the port of Genoa has been a strategic spot for trading the best coffee varieties. It is there that some of the top coffee roasters in the world are born. Guided by their vehemence, ambition and love of coffee, they set up a number of factories where to this day people work hard to produce authentic Italian espresso.


The factory where Baristo is produced was founded in 1903. It has been family-run business by the Italian Boasi family ever since, and the Master roaster of Baristo – Carlo Garbarino, is a second generation roaster, who grew up in a family nurtured with a love of coffee.


Special attention and care to these and other lesser-known details about coffee’s journey from bean to package is what gives well prepared espresso that authentic flavour and aroma. ‘Of course, we should not forget the most important ingredient of all,’ Carlo reminds us with a smile in a typical Italian manner, ‘a pinch of love and tons of dedication’.

We are guided by four key values


To be true to yourself


To be honest and respectful


With the desire to learn new things


To be well educated

Baristo coffee beans

The art of creating coffee blends

The factory where Baristo coffee is produced today goes back over 115 years (in 1903) in Genoa. It is family-owned and for generations has been perfecting the art of creating coffee blends. The process of mixing different coffee varieties, each of which manifests its characteristics to get espresso of harmonious and balanced flavour, requires professionalism, experience and most of all – passion for coffee.


The process of coffee preparation is master craftsmanship. To Carlo, coffee beans selection and fine roasting are part of the mystery of creating the so called ‘brown gold’. Roasting is performed through the use of circulating hot air and it is adhering to the methodology of this process that ensures the coffee’s consistent flavor.


The final stage of the production process is carried out in an oxygen-free environment from the moment of transportation and the time spent in silos to the packaging machines. Baristo coffee is packaged in a special 3-ply aluminium foil and Baristo coffee beans packages have a special valve which is fitted so that emitted gases go out, without oxygen entering the package.


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