Saeco Royal New OTC

Saeco Royal New OTC

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The timeless Saeco Royal icon is back with cutting-edge technology and high-end design. Fully automatic and reliable coffee machine for your favorite espresso and cappuccino.

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A capacitive interface with photo-realistic images and an iconographic display make choosing beverages easier and provide the machine with a futuristic style.High performances and high-tech look. Royal is all this and more.And it suits every workplace perfectly, from the most elegant to the most informal.

  • High-tech and functional components
  • Capacitive interface with photorealistic images
  • User friendly display for selection of drinks
  • Futuristic design


Type automatic
Color black
Size 280 x 398 x 460 mm
Weight 10 kg
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz
Power consumption 1400W
Pressure 15 bar
Front panel PVC
Drinks coffee / cappuccino / tea
Water tank 2.5 L
Coffee container 0.600 kg
Wasted coffee container capacity 18
Coffee strength adjustment manual, from 6 to 10 gr, 7 levels
Coffee grinder manual, 8 levels
Water temperature adjustment Yes
Hot water Yes
Accessories Capacitive interface with photo-realistic icons; Bluetooth; adjustable dispenser to cup hight


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