Gaggia Magenta Prestige

Gaggia Magenta Prestige

999,00 BGN
24 months warranty
24 months warranty
Gaggia Magenta Prestige is a fully automatic machine, it allows you to prepare up to 12 different coffee drinks: your personal home coffee shop in just one click.
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The effortlessly elegant and dynamic spirit of one of the most distinctive districts of Milan inspired this new Superautomatic Espresso Machine. Just like the homonymous city area, it blends authentic traditional roots with sparks of contemporary design. Essential yet stylish, it is thought for all. The wide user interface and capacitive buttons make it easy and immediate to use. Gaggia Magenta is your personal home or office coffee shop in just one click. 

Main features:
  • 100% ITALIAN EXCELLENCEProudly designed and produced in Italy, guarantee of premium quality and of a neverending passion for the espresso coffee. Gaggia’s expertise, experience and know-how combined in one machine.
  • UP TO 12 BEVERAGESDiscover the 12 beverages available at the touch of a button: ristretto, espresso, espresso lungo, coffee, cortado, flat white, americano, cappuccino, cafè au lait, latte macchiato, frothed milk and hot water.
  • CAPACITIVE TOUCH USER INTERFACEThe wide user interface with full color display and capacitive buttons ensures more control and visibility for an improved user experience. Preparing beverages is made super simple and all cleaning procedures are guided step by step.
  • STAINLESS STEEL ESPRESSO TRAYIt ensures the right height to get impeccable espressos anytime, with a perfect and uniform crema layer and no splashes while brewing. Enclosed in the drip tray, it can be easily extracted with a simple gesture and placed at the right height.
  • GROUND COFFEE OPTIONIn addition to coffee beans, it is a useful feature for the ones who want to try different blends, even decaffeinated ones.
  • INTEGRATED MILK CARAFEThe integrated milk carafe froths the milk twice and removes all bubbles to get a perfect froth, always at the right temperature, in just one touch. The automatic cleaning cycle and the possibility to store the carafe in the fridge make it hygienic and efficient.
  • 100% CERAMIC ADJUSTABLE GRINDERSThe long lasting 100% ceramic grinders extract the purest essence from coffee beans, preventing overheating and burning. This material guarantees long-lasting performances, silence and the best in-cup result. Select among 5 options to customise your espresso, from the finest grind for a strong taste, to the coarsest for a lighter coffee.
  • OPTIAROMAThis feature gives you the unique possibility to adjust the aroma intensity and create tailored coffee-based drinks by choosing the quantity of ground coffee per cup among 5 selections.
  • PRE-BREWINGUnique body and taste for every espresso thanks to the pre-brewing that implies few seconds of pause between the first shower of hot water and the actual brewing.
  • REMOVABLE BREW GROUPThe heart of the machine, it doses and tamps the right amount of ground coffee for all your espressos. It allows a thorough cleaning of the machine as it is removable and can be washed under the tap and reinserted easily at its place.
  • A DYNAMIC AND CONTEMPORARY ELEGANT DESIGNGaggia Magenta has a dynamic, compact and sleek design, ideal for contemporary kitchens. Its elegant features stand out in every coffee corner.


Size 43.5 / 35.7 / 22.4 cm
Weight 7.7 kg
Power consumption 1900 W
Coffee beans container 0.250 kg
Pressure 15 bar
Water tank 1.8 L
Milk carafe 0.5 L
Coffee grinder manual adjustment, 5 levels
Color Black


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