Rancilio Silvia Pro X

Rancilio Silvia Pro X

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24 monts
The Rancilio Silvia Pro X takes what you love from the recent Silvia Pro dual boiler espresso machine and combines them with even more updates. The machine now includes a…
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Features and Performance

The newest upgrade to the Rancilio Silvia Pro X comes in the form of variable soft infusion, allowing users to have a completely customizable brewing experience. This feature works to open more pores of your ground coffee so you can reach different flavor profiles, playing around with the acidity and body that ends up in your final cup.The machine will start your shot by opening up and softly releasing water without any pressure. Only once the set amount of time your preset has passed, the machine begins ramping up its group head pressure. This gives you another layer of control, and allows you to really customize your coffee’s final flavor.Video review here >> 

Why You Should Get It

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X was designed with espresso lovers in mind. Whether an at-home or well-seasoned barista, the Silvia Pro X offers you some of the best aspects of espresso machines.

  • The dual boilers, a 0.3 L brew boiler and 1.0 L steam boiler, and dual PIDs allow users to steam milk and pull espresso shots at the same time.
  • Each boiler can be set to independent temperatures, meaning you can customize the brew temperature for your coffee and change steam temperature to customize the pressure.
  • The Pro Silvia X has all the original features of the Silvia Pro, like adjustable height cup tray, hot water tap and high-performance stainless steel steam wand. Now, you can add the benefit of variable soft infusion into the mix.

Variable Soft Infusion

This feature is what folks at Rancilio are most proud of when it comes to the Silvia Pro X. Water will gently drop when you begin a shot and only ramp up after the set amount of time you programmed passes. This adds another layer of control to the brewing process, allowing you to play with the acidity and body of whatever coffee you use.

Professional Portafilter

Leaning into their commercial heritage, Rancilio upgraded the portafilter on the Silvia Pro X to the popular RS1 design that is featured on a number of their commercial espresso machines. The design improves ergonomics for more comfortable handling and use.

Dual Boiler Design

The 0.3 L brew boiler and 1.0 L steam boiler allow for simultaneous, high quality espresso and milk steaming operation. Independent regulation of different temperatures for both coffee extraction and steam delivery are easily manageable via the display buttons.



Тип еспресо
Поддържани видове кафе кафе мляно
Цвят неръждаема стомана
Размери 250 Х 390 Х 420 мм
Тегло 20кг.
Ел. захранване 230 V/50 Hz
Консумация 1000W
Налягане 15 bar 
Материал на корпуса неръждаема стомана
Бойлер месингови, 2 бр.: кафе (капацитет 0.3л), стийм бойлер (капацитет 1л)
Видове напитки кафе / чай
Вместимост контейнер за вода 2 л.
Вместимост бункер за кафе
Вместимост контейнер за мляко
Капацитет на контейнер за отпадно кафе
Настройка на дължината на напитката
Настройка едрина на смилане
Настройка на групата за кафе (Optiaroma)
Регулиране на температурата на водата да
Гореща вода да
Накрайник за пара да
“Кремадиск” / ръкохватка
Воден филтър да
Поставка за чаши да
Допълнителни аксесоари професионален тампер; PID дисплей; таймер за екстракция; сензор за липса на вода в машината


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